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Policies and Procedures
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South Dakota Academy of PAs


Policies and Procedures


The following are the policies and procedures of the South Dakota Academy of PAs, hereinafter referred to as the SDAPA.  SDAPA encourages membership in the parent organization, the American Academy of PAs, hereinafter referred to as AAPA.



No individual, officer, chairperson, or committee member shall communicate as official representation of SDAPA without the approval of the President after appropriate consultation with the Board of Directors.  All correspondence on SDAPA stationery shall reflect current policy of SDAPA. Therefore, SDAPA stationary will be used only for official business.

Any legal advice provided to a member of SDAPA shall be provided at the expense of the individual, unless the cause is believed to have significant ramifications on the PA profession. The evaluation of individual situations shall be decided by the President and the Board of Directors.



Use of the SDAPA mailing list and/or membership list is available to paid members of the SDAPA. Use by nonmembers shall be permissible upon review and approval of the Board of Directors.  Any member of the SDAPA may have their name removed from the mailing list upon written request.  The mailing list shall not be available for the purpose of sales promotion, political activism, sale or use of tobacco, drugs or liquor, pornography, quackery, fundraising or telephone solicitation.



SDAPA grants to affiliate organizations, caucuses, and the student academy the right to operate as a subsidiary unit of SDAPA after review by the Board of Directors and approval of the membership. In doing so, SDAPA reserves the right to monitor their adherence to SDAPA policies and procedures. Accordingly, each affiliate organization will submit a copy of it's governing documents, and within twenty days, a copy of each revision of said documents to SDAPA Board of Directors for review.



SDAPA shall establish and maintain adequate resources for the monetary assistance for PA students. The SDAPA Scholarship Committee shall consider applications from any South Dakota PA student, who is likely to reside in South Dakota after graduation and provide medical services in a rural or federally designated manpower shortage area.



SDAPA endorses the National Commission on Certification of PAs (NCCPA) certification examination as the entrance for all PAs entering practice. SDAPA also encourages its membership to maintain current NCCPA certification.  Public accountability and continued competence is encouraged by the utilization of continuing medical education, self-assessment, and re-certification examination through NCCPA.



The meets throughout the year and is responsible for the SDAPA’s administrative and financial management. The Board consists of 11 elected SDAPA members: President, Vice President/President-elect, immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, four Directors-at-Large and two Student representatives. 



  • Continuing Medical Education
    •      Pharmaceutical Liaison and Exhibitor subcommittee
  • Elections
    •  Nominations subcommittee
  • Ethics and Minority Affairs
    •  Impairment subcommittee
  • Government Affairs
    • Legislative subcommittee
    • By-Laws subcommittee
    • Reimbursement subcommittee
  • Membership
  • Public Relations
    • Scholarship subcommittee
    • Fundraising subcommittee
  • Communications


All committees of SDAPA shall consist of a chairperson and committee members. Appointments will be announced by the President in July of each year with ongoing evaluation of the chair and committee members by the President and Board of Directors.

Each committee chair shall be responsible for the presentation of a written report to Board of Directors at their biannual meeting during the SDAPA CME conferences. This report should detail all actions taken by the committee. Each committee report shall be presented in written format to the secretary, prior to the meeting or immediately after the report is presented.



COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES: (see specific committee charges for more details of duties)


Continuing Medical Education Committee:

Continuing Medical Education (CME) shall be defined as educational activities which maintain, develop, or increase skills and professional performance or develop relationships that a PA utilizes to provide service to patients and the public.

The Continuing Medical Education Committee shall be responsible for the development of a curriculum for each CME meeting which meets the defined criteria. The curriculum will be presented to the executive secretary six to nine months prior to the scheduled meeting to allow for adequate time to engage speakers and arrange for financial support.

SDAPA CME and Event Registration Cancellation Policy •Cancellations received on or before 30 days prior to day #1 of the event = will receive a full refund, minus a $75 processing fee. •Cancellations received 29-16 days before day#1 of event = will receive a 50% refund.•No refunds will be made for cancellations after 15 days prior to day#1 of event or for no-shows•Cancellation requests for membership purchases will be refunded directly by SDAPA within 30 days. All Requests must be received in writing to

Pharmaceutical Liaison and Exhibitor subcommittee shall have the responsibility of identifying those companies which are able to provide financial assistance and educational speakers for the Continuing Medical Education seminars held biannually.

The office shall maintain a current updated list of each company and the contact person, including address and phone number.  When possible, the Continuing Medical Education Committee will maintain a list of topics for which each company has available speakers.


Election Committee:

The Election Committee, in conjunction with the Executive Secretary, shall prepare an electronic ballot. Eligible voters will receive a link to a personal, secure e-ballot the day the polls open.  Polls open: thirty days prior to the Winter/Spring-West River CME conference

Polls close: end of first day of West-River CME conference.

Election results to be announced at the conference General Membership meeting.

All ballots shall provide space for write in candidates.

All candidates shall be listed in alphabetic order on the ballot.

The Election Committee shall be responsible for informing all candidates of the qualifications required for the office for which the candidate is campaigning.

The Election Committee shall be responsible for the certification of eligibility of all self declared and write in candidates.

The Election Committee shall be responsible for all electronic teller functions during the election process, including certifying all ballots are valid. They shall present the results of the vote to the Secretary of SDAPA.  In the event of a tie for a particular office, a run-off election between those who tied will take place at the general membership meeting. 

Nomination Sub-Committee shall be responsible for preparing a slate of candidates for each office open in the upcoming election. They shall be responsible for the certification of eligibility of each candidate for office.

The Nomination Sub-Committee will submit two names for each office open to election.

The slate of candidates shall be presented to the Election Committee no less than forty-five days prior to the election. This slate will also be presented in written form to the Executive Secretary of SDAPA.

Self-declaration may be made to either the Election Committee or to the Nomination Sub-Committee for inclusion on the ballot.


Ethics and Minority Affairs Committee:

The Ethics and Minority Affairs Committee shall consist of at least one individual who is a minority or any other member(s) of the SDAPA who are interested in supporting the efforts and problems encountered which involve either minorities or ethnic bias. The committee shall be responsible for the monitoring of any infractions which may be in conflict with the principles of the SDAPA Code of Ethics which are in alignment with the principles outlined in the AAPA’s Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for the PA Profession. 

Impairment sub-committee shall have the responsibility of assisting the impaired practitioner who is identified and is unable to safely practice because of physical or mental illness, deterioration through the aging process, loss of motor skills from chronic illness, or through the use of drugs and/or alcohol. They shall serve as advocates for the restoration of the practitioner to patient care when applicable.


Government Affairs Committee:

Legislative sub-committee:

The Legislative sub-committee shall be responsible for the monitoring of all issues of state and national importance, which may affect the practice of PAs in the state.  This sub-committee will be in contact with the lobbyist each legislative session to monitor all bills introduced which may affect the practice environment of PAs.  This sub-committee shall work with the Executive Secretary to set up an annual Legislative activity in Pierre, SD.

This sub-committee shall advise the President and Board of Directors of any legislative or statewide issues that are of concern to the general membership.  This sub-committee will communicate with SDAPA members in a timely fashion to remind them of pertinent issues in the upcoming legislative session that should be addressed personally to their individual legislators.

By-Laws sub-committee:

The By-Laws sub-committee shall be responsible for the continuous updating of the Constitution, By-Laws, and Policies and Procedures of the SDAPA in keeping with the recommendations of the parent organization, AAPA.

Reimbursement Sub-Committee:

The Reimbursement sub-committee shall be responsible for the ongoing monitoring of all issues related to reimbursement for PA services in South Dakota. They will be responsible for attending any seminars and meetings which address these topics.  This sub-committee will be responsible for communication with the South Dakota Departments of Health and Social Services and HCFA about issues related to reimbursement.  This sub-committee shall be responsible for notifying PAs of issues which could affect their practice after consultation with the President and the Board of Directors.


Membership Committee:

Membership Services provided to paid members shall include quarterly newsletter, reduced registration for SDAPA sponsored CME, membership card, unified voice on legislative issues, networking, central phone and mailing address for SDAPA issues, scholarship program, and impaired practitioner services.

The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the recruitment and retention of members in SDAPA. They shall in cooperation with Executive Secretary compile a membership directory in the members only section of the site.  They shall encourage members to include current pictures and membership information which will be available to individual members.

The executive secretary shall maintain a current list of all SDAPA members, email addresses, addresses, and telephone numbers.

This committee chair shall be responsible for the annual dues renewal, new membership process each year, and for monitoring all renewed memberships for the following year.  The membership year is defined as calendar dates from January 1 through December 31st, annually.



Public Relations Committee:

The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for promotion of the PA profession.

The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for maintaining an annual record which chronicles ongoing activities of PAs in South Dakota.  This committee shall be responsible for the annual PA week activities and distribution of news releases pertinent to the week, which recognizes PAs around the state.




Any member of SDAPA who is representing the general membership at a funded meeting shall be responsible for attending all sessions of that meeting. They will be responsible for submitting a written report of the activities of that meeting to the Board of Directors next meeting and submit for the newsletter a summary of actions taken or considered that may or may not impact the members of SDAPA.


Delegates will be elected to a 2-year term by the SDAPA with results announced at the winter/Spring Conference. Those elected in one calendar year will begin their service in July of the same year, in preparation to attend the HOD sessions at AAPA conference the following calendar year(s). There is no limit on consecutive terms. The AAPA apportions the number of delegates that each state chapter is eligible. Elections for delegates will be based on that number (currently three) with one additional candidate to serve if needed. Amongst the candidates chosen they will decide who will serve as Chief Delegate, and Delegate(s). The SDAPA President will serve as an additional delegate if needed.



The Delegate(s) shall be elected to represent the issues pertinent to South Dakota at the Annual AAPA House of Delegates.

The Delegate(s) must be a Fellow member of SDAPA and AAPA at the time of the election to the position.   The Delegate(s)will be responsible for working with each other to see that all House activities, hearings, social functions, and coverage of the House seats at all open sessions of the House of Delegates are maintained.  The Delegate(s) will receive for his/her effort compensation, which pays for the registration for the House of Delegates, travel/airfare to and from the AAPA meeting, and housing for the days which the House is in session. Meals will be reimbursed at a per diem rate as per the federal registry allowance.  When possible, arrange for airfare in advance of 21 days to allow for the lowest rates available. Meeting registration should be sent in advance to arrange for the lowest possible rate. 


The SDAPA President will serve as additional delegate if needed. In the event that the President is unable to serve as additional delegate, then either the vice president/president-elect or another elected member may be appointed by the President to serve as additional delegate.

The appointee should have expressed some interest in serving as a delegate prior to being eligible to serve in the position. The appointed delegate should have a keen understanding of the issues being decided at the House of Delegates and be prepared to serve at the House in any capacity requested by the Delegates. The additional delegate will be available to fill in on the House floor whenever a Delegate is required to be elsewhere.


The President will also represent the SDAPA by attending any constituent organization leadership meetings held at the same AAPA conference.



The AAPA may sponsor regional meetings to address the problems encountered in each region. The meetings may be virtual/electronic meetings or at a regional conference or at AAPA national conference. SDAPA is a member of the North Central Region and is expected to have representation at each of the meetings. SDAPA may send two Fellow members and one Student member to the regional meeting. When possible, the President of SDAPA will attend this meeting. In the event that the President is unable to attend, the Board of Directors and the President will designate an appointee to attend.

Representatives to the North Central Regional meeting shall be funded by the Academy. Funding includes registration, travel/airfare to and from the meeting, and housing for the days which the meeting is in session. Meals will be reimbursed at a per diem rate as per the federal registry allowance.

When possible, arrange for airfare in advance of 21 days to allow for the lowest rates available. Meeting registration should be sent in advance to arrange for the lowest possible rate.


Leadership and Advocacy Summit is held in Arlington, Virginia each year. The purpose may include introducing legislative issues to attendees from the constituent chapters. At that meeting, representatives from each state may visit on Capitol Hill with the Senators and Representatives from their home state to identify issues of pertinence to the Physician Assistant (PA) Profession.  SDAPA will send two representatives to the LAS meeting each year. When possible, the President-Elect and one other member, officer, board member or committee chairperson will be considered.

When funding is available, one student member shall also be sent to LAS. The student will be chosen after consultation with the student advisor and the student association.

Funding for LAS includes registration fee(s), travel/airfare and housing. Meals are reimbursed at a per diem rate as per federal registry.  When possible, arrange airfare in advance of 21 days to allow for the lowest rates available. Meeting registration should be sent in advance to arrange for the lowest possible rate.


Reviewed/Updated: 03/2017, 2-18-99, 10/28/98

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